The Team Player Fundamentals training experience provides the opportunity for teams to calibrate and align on the four foundational fundamentals required by all team players.

At the core of many dysfunctional and struggling organizational relationships and teams are negativity, closed-mindedness, disrespect, and a lack of personal responsibility. Put a better way, at the core of greater relationships, more teamwork, and better productivity are these four foundational team player fundamentals: positive attitudes, open-mindedness, respect, and personal accountability.

There is a big difference between being a team member and being a team player. Before we can achieve success through teamwork, we need team players to make the teamwork possible. By developing the four foundational fundamentals, organizations will have more effective team players and teams that achieve better results.

Learning Objectives

By the end of Team Player Fundamentals, presented in a workshop format that involves group discussions and activities, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize attitudes as a mindset and choice.
  • Distinguish how to be intentionally open-minded.
  • Assess and be mindful of respectful and disrespectful behaviours.
  • Take personal accountability and the responsibility to help others with team player fundamentals.
  • Prioritize and generate commitments for team effectiveness.

Team Player Fundamentals is available as an in-person workshop and as an online course.

Experience the Team Player Fundamentals Online Course

Circle - arrows going clockwise into 4 quadrants: Being Intentionally Open-Minded, Acting with Respect, Taking Accountability, Choosing Positive Attitudes