Resilience Training for Teams and Leaders with the 3 Vital Questions


Learn what it takes to be more resilient and influence shifts in both yourself and those around you to move beyond drama and relate in empowering ways.

By the end of this interactive workshop, presented in-person and virtually, through group discussions, videos, activities and valuable takeaway resources, participants will be able to:

  • Grasp the first Vital Question – Where are you putting your focus? Are you focused on problems or outcomes?
  • Explore the second Vital Question – How are you relating to others, your experience and yourself? Are you producing or perpetuating drama? Or are you empowering others and yourself, as a creator, challenger and coach?
  • Work through the third Vital Question – What actions are you taking? Are you merely reacting to the problems or taking creative action (including solving problems) in service to outcomes?

This facilitated learning experience is based on the organizational application of the life-changing frameworks introduced in David Emerald’s bestselling book, The Power of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic)with all of our 3VQ training based on David Emerald’s new book, 3 Vital Questions: Transforming Workplace Drama.

For nearly 12 years, The Power of TED* has continued to change lives and improve workplaces helping leaders and teams to escape life’s drama, gain control and make more empowered choices.

Learn more about the Dreaded Drama Triangle and/or The Empowerment Dynamic.

Hone Consulting is proud to be an Approved TED* and 3 Vital Questions Practitioner.

TED and DDT Triangles Diagram
Three Vital Questions