Personal Development Training

For over 30 years, Increasing Human Effectiveness (IHE) has inspired, motivated, and empowered potential and solutions focused mindsets. The IHE experience enables participants to fully engage themselves in their life, relationships, and work, while also supporting organizational change, culture, and employee engagement.

Increasing Human Effectiveness Overview

Drawing on basic cognitive and behavioural research, Increasing Human Effectiveness is a personal and professional development training program that has demonstrated time tested results with enhancing personal awareness, thinking and the behaviour change skills necessary for thriving in today’s work environment.

Why personal development continues to benefit thousands of organizations?

Increasing Human Effectiveness supports the critical core competencies required by employees identified around the world, which include:

  • Positively and Proactively Dealing with Change.
  • Productive ‘I can’ and ‘We can’ Attitudes.
  • Self-Management and Leadership.

Increasing Human Effectiveness has provided proven results and value to professionals from all positions and industries, growing the organization, by growing and developing people.

Increasing Human Effectiveness Learning Agenda

  • Unit 1: Setting the Stage for Change
  • Unit 2: You’ve Always Had the Potential
  • Unit 3: You’re Born to Win
  • Unit 4: The Most Amazing Computer of All
  • Unit 5: The Right Attitude is Everything
  • Unit 6: Self-Image: Your Achievement Regulator
  • Unit 7: Most People Don’t Aim too High and Miss
  • Unit 8: You’ll See It When You Believe It
  • Unit 9: Developing Healthy Self-Esteem
  • Unit 10: Summary/Developing a Plan of Action

Increasing Human Effectiveness Learning Outcomes

Personal and Professional Development Focused on You

Complete the four parts of the Increasing Human Effectiveness development cycle:

  • Who Am I? – Assess how your relationship with change, your potential, and your overall awareness influences who you are today.
  • How Did I Get Here? – Distinguish how your mindset, your attitudes, your self-talk, and your comfort zones influence how you got to be who you are today.
  • Where Am I Going? – Verify your values, organize your goals, and integrate your weekly behaviours to influence where you are going.
  • How Do I Get There? – Affirm and design plans of action to influence how you’re going to get to where you want to go.