At Hone Consulting, we facilitate a comprehensive team development program – Engaging Teams in a Culture of Teamwork – which involves four phases, which include:

  • Phase 1 – Coming Together as Teammates.
  • Phase 2 – Working Together as a Team.
  • Phase 3 – Setting Expectations and Standards Together as a Team.
  • Phase 4 – Progressing Together as a Team.

Through this phased approach to team development, participants will:

  • Build their awareness, knowledge, and skills for healthier working relationships.
  • Identify key behaviours needed for a strong, cohesive and engaged culture of teamwork.

The Engaging Teams in a Culture of Teamwork Program can also include one-on-one coaching/consulting for the leader of the team and team members to assist with the successful implementation, including commitment and accountability, of the above phases.

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