Team Player Fundamentals Module 1: Choosing Positive Attitudes (Online Course)

Module 1: Choosing Positive Attitudes from the Team Player Fundamentals training can be purchased as a standalone micro-learning course. This module uncovers the nature of attitudes, their critical role in professional settings, and how they underpin the characteristics of a successful team player. Through a blend of theory and practical exercises, participants will discover how to cultivate positive attitudes, overcome negative mindsets, and foster an environment conducive to collaboration and productivity.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understanding Attitudes: Identify what attitudes are and explore their significance in personal and professional contexts.
  2. Characteristics of a Team Player: Define what makes a team player and distinguish between attitudes, expertise, and natural talent.
  3. Choosing Our Attitudes: Diagram the three components that influence our ability to choose our attitudes.
  4. Identifying Negative Attitudinal Mindsets: Name and understand the Six Common Negative Attitudinal Mindsets that undermine team productivity.
  5. Personal Attitude Improvement: Account for and reflect on one’s own attitudes, recognizing areas for improvement.

Why It’s Important: Attitudes form the foundation of every action and interaction in the workplace. This module not only provides learners with the knowledge to identify and adjust their attitudes but also empowers them to be agents of positive change within their teams. By choosing to adopt and foster positive attitudes, individuals can significantly enhance team cohesion, productivity, and overall workplace atmosphere.

Real-World Application: Upon completing this module, learners will possess the tools and insights to actively choose and cultivate positive attitudes, both in themselves and in those around them. This proactive approach to attitude adjustment will enable participants to effectively navigate interpersonal relationships, contribute to a positive team culture, and achieve professional goals with greater satisfaction and success.

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