Human Rights at Work Online Course

The Human Rights at Work online course provides participants with the opportunity to accumulate knowledge and skills for the awareness and prevention of discrimination, harassment, and bullying in the workplace. With the increased diversity in the workforce, and greater needs to prioritize teamwork, employee engagement and ultimately productivity, a respectful workplace is needed and legislated more than ever. Human Rights at Work supports greater understanding by getting everyone on the same page with the skills and knowledge needed for a workplace that is free of discrimination, harassment, and bullying. This online course aligns your employees at all levels with both the laws and organizational expectations for a respectful workplace.

The online course content contains lessons and materials that include reading, videos, case studies and quizzes, which total approximately one hour of training time. Each participant receives a Certificate of Completion after finishing all lessons.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this online course, participants will:

  • Verify the laws that impact the workplace for discrimination, harassment and bullying.
  • Work through case studies to determine what conduct is discrimination, harassment and/or bullying.
  • Grasp how to address someone who violates workers and human rights, including complaint avenues.
  • Account for specific responsibilities and liabilities for a respectful workplace of employees, supervisors and employers.
  • Grasp additional resources available for further awareness and prevention of discrimination, harassment, and bullying

The information provided in the online course is primarily based on British Columbia, Canada law determined by the BC Human Rights Code, the BC Workers Compensation Act, BC Courts and the Supreme Court of Canada.

$95.00 per member

For orders of 20 or more, please contact for a quote. (Discounts are available based on the total number of participants.)

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