Two Reasons for Teams to Learn About Personality Styles

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Why do Personality Assessment Training?

Have you been wondering and/or trying to decide if doing personality training is right for you? Your team? Your organization? And of course, whether it’s worth the investment?

The Advantages to Understanding Personalities

Before reviewing the value and benefits for learning about personalities, let’s first define personality styles.Learning About Personality Styles

Personality styles can be defined as our behavioural tendencies and preferences in terms of our priorities with how we think, communicate, and act. Put another way, our individual personality styles are our comfort zones with how we ‘be’ as human beings.

When we complete reputable personality assessments and training with our team members, we gain the advantage of understanding different personalities.

For one example of personality styles, William Moulton Marston in his 1928 book, Emotions of Normal People, identified what he called four “primary emotions” and associated behavioural responses, which today we know as Dominance (D), Influence (i), Steadiness (S), and Conscientiousness (C):

  • Dominance: direct, strong-willed, and forceful.
  • Influence: sociable, talkative, and lively.
  • Steadiness: gentle, accommodating, and soft-hearted.
  • Conscientiousness: private, analytical, and logical.

Although some people tend equally toward all of these responses, research indicates that most of us lean toward one or two. Since Marston’s time, many personality instruments have been developed to measure these attributes. The best personality assessments and training help participants:

  • Discover their own style. (With an emphasis on styles being our tendencies – our general behavioural preferences – versus absolutes and stereotypes, which can put people into ‘boxes’.)
  • Understand others styles.
  • Build more effective relationships.

When we experience effective personality assessments and training that provides a general understanding about personalities, including how human beings can approach others and life, as well as the diverse priorities where we focus our energy, this leads to two of the main reasons for learning about personality styles:

  • We’ll have more confidence in our approach and interactions with others, including knowledge on how to adapt and deal with differences.
  • We’ll have more awareness of the impact of our own behaviours, and take things less personally as we’ll be less likely to be surprised by others behaviours.

With this confidence and awareness, our relationships will tend to have greater trust, connection, and communication, leading to positive outcomes for the team.

These reasons are consistently at the top of the list of all the positive feedback that we’ve received from our clients who participate in the Everything DiSC personality assessments and training that’s contributed to the success of millions of people and thousands of teams and organizations, for over four decades.

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