The following case studies demonstrate the power of Everything DiSC:

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Case Study Synopsis: 

Spectrum Health 

The quality of communication within a team of employees or providers affects job satisfaction, retention rates, and satisfaction and safety.

At Spectrum Health, healthcare providers must have effective communication skills to relay sensitive health information, as well as to establish trusting relationships within a team of providers, including doctors, nurses, staff, and other healthcare professionals.

In support of this, the organization’s HR department focuses on providing development opportunities to its vast community of employees and providers. One approach to development is through team effectiveness workshops using behavioural assessments.

Spectrum Health adopted Everything DiSC to examine behavioural styles and to provide a common language for communication.  They chose DiSC as it helps with personal development and team building, and it’s short and simple. One could take it and understand it relatively easily; it’s not threatening nor is it an IQ assessment. As well, people can remember it and DiSC supports Spectrum Health’s corporate values of excellence, integrity, compassion, teamwork, and respect.

With Spectrum Health’s commitment to communication both internally and externally, the organization is on the path to reaching its vision of being the national leader for health by 2020.


To help strengthen and deepen customer relations, Honda overhauled its training with the help of Everything DiSC. Today’s car manufacturers are driven more than ever to retain customers, and the smartest industry players know that customer satisfaction does not equal customer loyalty. This fundamental principle led the American Honda Motor Company to radically shift its way to train employees and managers.

They developed a new program called “Building Lifetime Customer Loyalty” or BLCL.  The automotive industry had been chasing customer satisfaction for years, but satisfaction wasn’t getting what they wanted – people coming back. This takes a serious focus on human communication and relationships. The people at Honda ‘stuck their necks out’ to make a radical change to what had been done in the past. The risk paid off.

Employees and managers love Everything DiSC. Honda is getting glowing comments and they believe that the learning is really going to help them be more effective in relating to their staff, and staff relating to each other. The curriculum helps individuals understand their behavioural styles, demonstrates that various styles have much to learn from each other, and that everyone exhibits shades of all styles. Once people know themselves and how they affect other people, they can adjust and personalize interactions with others.

Employees state that they are not only going to use what they learned to improve their work and relationships, but also in their personal lives.


NCAA saw the imperative to help athletes make a move from leading on the field to leading in life. One of the ways they do that is through the NCAA Career in Sports Forum, and to assist in this powerful learning experience, they use Everything DiSC.

An important component of the Forum is called Self-Awareness and Communication. This session helps participants understand their own behaviour styles and how they can use those styles to develop more effective and productive relationships—with their teammates and coaches today, and with co-workers, managers, and clients in the future.

One thing that helps individuals all over the world embrace their DiSC profile is the accuracy of the information.  When surveyed at the Forum, everyone agrees that 85 percent of what the DiSC assessment said about them is accurate, and the majority consider their DiSC profile to be 95 percent accurate.

The Forum participant surveys also confirm that 90 to 98 percent of those who attend rate their experience with DiSC as “useful” to their future careers. But the real benefit of Everything DiSC is unleashed when participants engage with others in their daily life. They are able to use what they learn to improve their personal and professional lives.