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Everything DiSC personality profiles and training helps you build more effective relationships based on an understanding of different behavioural styles. Everything DiSC is not a test, it’s a personality assessment. This research-validated model helps you understand yourself and others, saving you time, energy, and money. Better employee communication, conflict resolution, change management and teamwork means efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity on both individual and organizational levels.

What is Everything DiSC?Everything DiSC Personality Profiles and Training Victoria BC

DiSC is a very simple—and memorable—model made up of four basic styles: D, i, S, and C: Dominance, influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness.

Everyone is a blend of all four DiSC styles—usually one, two, or even three styles stand out. Unlike simple personality tests, there is no perfect DiSC style. Since each person has a unique behavioural profile, people are walking around all over the world with different styles and priorities. We believe that these differences are extremely valuable. Once you assess these differences and harness the value, you’ll have better communication, change management, conflict resolution, teamwork AND healthier organizations.

Seems simple, right? It is. But it’s not simplistic. Here’s why:

We’ve been researching and analyzing DiSC for over 40 years— in fact, our DiSC® Classic Paper Profile was the first DiSC assessment ever! (You’ll always know it’s our DiSC by our signature lower-cased “i” in DiSC.)

As technology has evolved, DiSC has too. Our online DiSC assessments use the most advanced assessment method (adaptive testing) and sophisticated algorithms to quickly analyze a person’s responses and provide the most personalized DiSC feedback possible. And it only takes about 15 minutes to complete.

All of our Everything DiSC personality assessments are application-focused, so the feedback is presented to you as a leader, manager, or individual contributor. Everything DiSC solutions are frequently used as stand-alone tools, but are also paired with other well-known personality tests like Myers Briggs (MBTI). Hone is pleased to offer coaching and training for:

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Our Everything DiSC Workplace Profile and Training is also offered online. For anyone interested in exploring their report and training in the comfort of their own home or office, this is a great option. Our online course also provides key decision makers with a chance to preview the content and material prior to scheduling in-person workshops for their team and organization. For more information and/or to purchase the online course, please click here to visit the page on our website. You can also watch the introductory video below.


Want even more information than the overview above? Please visit the Everything DiSC® solutions website.

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