Leaders and Teams: Becoming Champions

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Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase, or something similar that states”:

“Most over night successes are at least 10 years in the making.”

Leadership and Team SuccessWith our constantly changing work environment, many of us as leaders and teams might consider ourselves currently going through the “10 years in the making”. Maybe we’re in the first month, or maybe we’ve already surpassed the 10 years.

No matter where we fall on the timeline, most leaders and teams want to go faster or have more. While there are lots of ingredients to becoming an “over night” success, here are three simple reflections for the journey:

  • The First Reflection – Time has the same relationship to success, as an amateur has to a champion. Every champion today, was first an amateur, that took time to become a champion. Every success of tomorrow, requires time from today. There is a process of learning and developing, practicing and growing, and training and studying.
  • The Second Reflection – There is a positive attitude needed for success, to work through the mistakes, failures, and losses. When it comes to our hopes and dreams, there are three possible answers from the universe, no matter what you believe: yes, not now, or there’s something else. It’s easy to be positive and optimistic and hopeful when the answer is yes, and exactly what you want. Where positive attitudes are so important is when we are in the game of the “10 year journey” and we’re losing and don’t know the final score. Champions don’t need to know the final score. They have an attitude that believes the final score will be in their favour.
  • The Third Reflection – Champions get the right to compete for the top position, achieve the number one status, be the best in the world, and reach their hopes and dreams, through several wins along the way – And they take the time to celebrate those wins, whatever size they are, because they all have a part in the overall success.

Our speed on our journeys to success will be influenced by the time that we invest daily, our unwavering attitudes of optimistic belief, and celebrating every win that is progress along the way.

Final Reflection – We might always want to go faster, and that’s okay, as long as we can exert some level of patience to avoid being Johathan Winters who said:

“I couldn’t wait for success, so I went ahead without it.”

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