Five Ways to Inspire Commitment on Your Team

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As members of teams, we all have a role with Inspiring Commitment – defined as a function of two things: clarity and buy-in. (Patrick Lencioni “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable“)

From The Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team™, here are five ways to inspire commitment within your team:

  • Ensure the team is clear about its priorities.
  • Make the effort to periodically review and revise commitments.
  • End meetings with clear and specific resolutions.
  • Understand that “commitment” does not mean consensus.
  • Give everyone the opportunity to be and feel heard.
Five Ways To Inspire Commitment From Your Team

With inspiring commitment in mind, knowing that clarity and buy-in are critical:

  • What’s your answer to “I feel ready to commit when ___________________.”

And what can you do to….

  • Be more clear about the team’s overall direction and priorities?
  • End discussions with clear and specific resolutions and calls to action?
  • Leave meetings more confident that everyone is committed to the decisions agreed upon?
  • Support group decisions more, even if you initially disagreed?

Here’s to inspiring commitment for yourself and your team.

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