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Everything DiSC® Personality Assessment

How do you get an Everything DiSC personality report?

To get your Everything DiSC personality profile report, the first step is to complete an online assessment which takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. Once you’ve purchased the report and/or a coaching/training session, you will get a link through email to complete the online assessment.  You will have access to your report once you have completed the online assessment, which will either be available online or given to you during your coaching/training session.

What information is included in the Everything DiSC personality report?

Information about Your Own Personality Style

When we talk about personality styles, we emphasize that we’re talking about someone’s comfort zones:

  • Their preferences and tendencies on how they like to communicate and behave.
  • Their priorities on where they like to direct their energy in their approach to work and relationships.

Nothing about Everything DiSC personality profiles is about absolutes, stereotyping or putting people in boxes. We’re talking about generalities and comfort zones.  Each and everyone of us are capable of demonstrating characteristics of all styles, it’s just that most of us have a comfort zone style – which again means preferences and tendencies in how we like to communicate and behave.

There are four basic styles and 12 styles all together, and an individual can have a one letter or two letter dimension style.

The four basic styles for DiSC are:

  • D – Dominance: Direct, Results Oriented, Firm, Strong Willed, Forceful
  • i  –  Influencing: Enthusiastic, Optimistic, Outgoing, High Spirited, Energentic
  • S – Steadiness: Even tempered, Accommodating, Patient, Humble, Tactful
  • C – Conscientiousness: Analytical, Reserved, Precise, Private, Systematic

Information about Other Personality Styles

You also have the opportunity to learn about other personality styles.  Within your profile report, you will learn how your own style reacts to the other styles and strategies to work more effectively with all styles. These strategies will provide you with insights on where you need to stretch and flex outside of your comfort zone style to be more effective overall.

Additional Resources

You will be able to generate one-on-one Comparison Reports between your style and someone else’s style.  This report will provide you with specific strategies to work more effectively with the other person based on both of your styles.

Is There Research Behind Everything DiSC?

Everything DiSC is absolutely rooted and grounded in proven psychology and research.  If you would like more information on the research, validity and reliability of Everything DiSC, please check out our Research Report.

Everything DiSC uses Adaptive Testing

Adaptive Testing is the testing used in the Everything DiSC online assessment  and the most advanced testing available. Adaptive Testing provides the most proven, precise and personalized results possible for personality testing.  Adaptive Testing means that the online assessment will adapt some of the questions it asks, based on the answers that you provide.  Not everyone who does the online assessment will answer the exact same questions.  The test will adapt in the following situations:

  • If you are answering inconsistently for a certain style (i.e. if you are equally strongly agreeing and strongly disagreeing with characteristics of the D style), the test will adapt and ask more questions related to that style to determine whether you are more on the strongly agree or strongly disagree end of the spectrum.
  • If you are answering equally for different styles (i.e. if you are answering equally for both the S and C style), the test will adapt and ask tie breaker questions to determine which style is more of a comfort zone for you.

How to Purchase Your Own Everything DiSC personality report?

To get Everything DiSC, there are a few options available for getting the online assessment and report.

  • Purchase the Everything DiSC report through our online store, and within 24 hours you will be sent a link to complete the assessment.
  • Purchase the Everything DiSC Report and online training here.
  • Purchase the Everything DiSC report and the workshop or one-on-one coaching by contacting us to coordinate the details and get a quote.

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