Courageous Leadership of Self and Others


Courage in Action is a personal and professional development program providing learners with the skills, knowledge, awareness, and resources needed to better understand and implement courage in both life and work.

Learning Objectives

Through presented information, individual reflective activities, as well as small and large group discussions, learners will be able to:

  • Define risks, fear, and courage.
  • Perform the Personal and Professional Risk Assessment.
  • Calibrate the facts and causes behind many fears.
  • Grasp the Fear of Failure and Fear of Rejection.
  • Apply the Failure and Rejection Analysis and Next Steps.
  • Respond to fear, with the Four Steps for Courage in Action.
  • Verify the Fear Cycle versus the Courage Cycle.
  • Work through being courageous, both personally and professionally.
  • Generate a Courageous Credo.

Section Outline

  • Risks
  • Fear
  • Courage
  • Professional Application
  • Courageous Credo