At Hone, we have had the privilege of working with thousands of individuals from hundreds of organizations in the public, private, and non-profit sector. A partial list of Hone’s clients are outlined below.

We are committed to being the best in our field for training, coaching, and consulting services. If we are fortunate enough to earn the opportunity to work with you too, we look forward to demonstrating to you why we deserve to be your partner and have your business.

Our team and leadership development services are beneficial to clients of all ages, positions, and professions. HONE’s clients can include organizations of all sizes:

  • Individual Owner-Operated Businesses
  • National and International Companies
  • Educational Institutions
  • Health Care
  • Nonprofit and Community Organizations
  • Financial and Insurance Institutions
  • Tourism
  • Hotels
  • Transportation

  • Construction
  • Restaurants and Food Services
  • Retail Operations
  • Technological industry
  • Federal Government Departments
  • Provincial Government Ministries
  • Local Governments and Municipalities
  • Entertainment
  • Sport and Recreation

For more specific information on our clients, please select a link below: