For the Best Self-Awareness – Do a Personality Assessment

The Best Personality Assessments Help Increase Self-Awareness

Sometimes We Need More Than Cold Water To Wake-upWhat is self-awareness? While awareness can be defined as the conscious perception and understanding of our environment located externally from ourselves, self-awareness can be defined as the conscious perception and understanding of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours driven internally within ourselves that may also influence our external experience.

For example, we may be aware that we have challenges communicating with a person or group of people, which would be a conscious perception and understanding to something located externally from ourselves in our environment.  If we are also aware that this challenge in communication is because we think that the other person (or group of people) prefers to get into too much detail and analysis when communicating, which makes us feel frustrated as we prefer to move more quickly through the information, that would be considered self-awareness.

The biggest opportunity with having full self-awareness is our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours often happen at a subconscious level, and self-awareness needs a conscious perception and understanding. Self-awareness is about discovering the “why” behind our thinking, feelings, and behaviours. The more we can do this, the more self-aware we can be.

A main part of the “why” is our personality style.

Personality Assessments for Improved Relationships and Teamwork

Our personality styles impact the potential of our relationships and teamwork, including communication, conflict resolution, problem solving and change management. Many people agree that to achieve more of our potential in these areas and others, we may need to make some more investments into grasping how our personality styles impact our approach and priorities with work and relationships, and with our communication and behaviours.

The Best Personality Assessments Increase Perceptions and Understanding of Self and Others

The best personality assessments help us understand more about who we are and our perceptions and understanding of self and others. This greater self-awareness through personality assessments is key to determining where we need to stretch and flex to support our relationships and teamwork, and greater potential in communication, conflict resolution, problem solving and change management.

Our behaviours are influenced by our personality styles. The question before us, “Do we have the self-awareness needed to achieve our potential with relationships and teamwork?” Our potential might be expanded as we gain awareness, the ability to perceive and understand our personality styles and other personality styles, and the need for different behaviours in our life.

The great news is, if we have expanded self-awareness where we need to flex and stretch outside of our personality styles, we can also determine what behaviours to demonstrate to achieve higher success.

Let’s go back to the example at the beginning. If we are aware that there are challenges in communication based on preferences and tendencies with how people like to communicate, rooted in personality styles, this perception and understanding can be a starting point to help us build, adapt or simply appreciate, to have more effective relationships and teamwork.

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