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I’m so grateful for your interest and time in getting to know us, and look forward to any opportunities that we have to get to know you further. Please accept this wide open invitation for you to call or email me any time to discuss your current questions or challenges with teamwork and/or leadership. I welcome the chance to help and if we do end up working together, I look forward to being your partner to create high functioning and positive work environments.

As you continue to read below, you’ll learn more about us and how our work is dedicated to the psychological health and safety of workplaces and helping teams and leaders to work together better.

With over 20 years of career experience and credentials in adult education, human resources, and business, we have trained, coached and consulted thousands in both North America and internationally, working with the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. I encourage you to take a moment to read what our customers have to say (at the bottom of this webpage that you’re on right now) or visit our clients webpage.

We all have choices! We all have influence! Let’s create the positive….

Randy Kennett neutral facilitator and strategic coach
Randy Kennett | Principal Hone Consulting | RCC™

About Your Hone Consulting Team

When we started over 13 years ago, we really just had two workshops which had proven results for nearly three decades (that we bought the rights to facilitate) and a dream: to help leaders and teams develop their untapped potential. We believe (then, now and always) that we can all build capacity, our capabilities, to create more of the positive in the personal and professional lives of ourselves and each other.

Our desire to begin this journey was born directly from our own experience of being in workplaces of negativity, helplessness, disrespect, closed-mindedness and no responsibility. In workplaces where we saw the difference that training and coaching that truly cared about people at a personal level – could make!

We started Hone Consulting during a downturn in the economy, when leaders and teams, more than ever, needed to take their power of choice and influence back. Many personal and professional lives didn’t have nearly as much ‘positive’ as they used to have, and in some cases, none at all. We knew that we could help. Leaders and teams needed support with tapping into their potential to create a more positive experience through developing their awareness, skills and knowledge on how to choose and how to influence in a number of areas like change, attitudes, thinking, comfort zones, values and actions.

Our first workshop was in a local college with six participants (that included family/friends). Our second workshop was in a rented fire station with a team of eight from a local restaurant. Our third workshop was in a chapel of a senior citizen facility with a team of 16 nurses. Before we knew it, we were facilitating to teams and groups of up to nearly a hundred, in locations ranging from community centres and factory workshops to boardrooms and university lecture halls, in Canada, the United States, and all the way to Copenhagen, Denmark!

Throughout our time, with thorough research, development and great consideration, we have also increased our product and service offerings, never losing sight of our top priority of helping leaders and teams choose, influence, and thus create, more of the positive.

In more common language that’s used today, and perhaps in simpler words, everything we do is about the psychological health and safety of workplaces and helping teams and leaders to work together better.

Whether you’re prioritizing continuous improvement initiatives with interpersonal relations, team effectiveness, and/or leadership development, or in a critical situation with a dysfunctional team, culture and/or organizational health, Hone’s services can exceed your expectations.

Members of the Hone team have over 20 years of experience working with diverse teams from organizations of all sizes and industries in Canada, the United States and Internationally.

If you would like to learn more about our vision, mission, certifications and partnerships, please click here.